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About Us - Why Ascend Info Solutions

We are a rapidly growing IT solutions and consultancy services provider, using our creatively detailed insight to help our clients achieve outstanding technological expertise and success in this dynamic and highly challenging industry. Weboastof:

Extensive training and consulting experience

Experience in collaborating with companies from various sectors (services, finance, manufacture, IT, trade, pharmacy, telecommunications etc.)Small scale to Fortune 500 companies as clients Hundreds of training participants from different industries.

Flexible project management strategies

We ensure that your projects are completed within a stipulated time and budget.Specialized training and consulting services aimed at enhancing the progress of your projects. Abilitytoaccomplishcomplexlarge-scaleprojects.

Cost-effective training and consultancy services

Save 10-20% of your current training expenses with our industry expert training programs Specialized guidance, case studies or tools during training sessions Comprehensive testing and assessment, all within a fixed cost